Some Like It Hot - Survey Thread


What phrase springs to mind when you handle/touch/consume something- usually food or beverage- which is very, very hot?

I would like to broaden my internal monologue/array of descriptive phrases for very, very hot things, so please share your own below.

Mine is usually ‘hot like the sun.’

  1. As hot as ______ (the sun = 0).


I say “Hot Hot Heat”

Which is a little odd.


Ruddy boiling


i usually go THAT’S-A-SPICY-MEAT-A-BALL regardless of what kind of food i’m eating*


it’s usually: “FUCK” and then I drop whatever it is


Fucking regular, fuck off, mate!



actually, serious response. ever since i heard danny dyer on saturday kitchen describe something as being ’ nuclear’ that’s become my go-to.


Hot as all holy hell.

Or as ‘hot as a rat’. (“A rat” being my go-to comparator for everything).







Wow, well I expect this from fidel, but not you balonz.

You’ve let me down, you’ve let sean down but most importantly you’ve let yourself down.