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90s is over.

Are we taking the piss here, I guess so. Paul Heaton is a top bloke regardless.

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Sounds like Young At Heart

Paul Heaton shared vocal duties with another bloke in The Beautiful South

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I only found this out the other week from them on TOTP 1990

Now trying to remember his name…

Dave something I think


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I genuinely had no idea. Was he around the whole time or were just the big singles sung by Heaton?

Early stuff. He did the vocals on that Alison, Jennifer, Sue, whatever etc song

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Next you’ll be telling me you didn’t realise Fat Boy Slim was in the Housemartins

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It’s just dawned on me that the question you’re asking isn’t whether or not you know Paul Heaton sung in The Beautiful South, but whether or not you knew there was another singer too.

Pls confirm.

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I did know that! Even know his name isn’t really Norman

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We all know Paul ‘The P-Man’ Heaton was in the Beautiful South (crap band)

But there was another man in them who was also a lead singer and so it wasn’t always The P-Man singing on their songs.

I thought Heaton was the only male singer in them and was unaware of this other guy, so I was asking if anyone else knew that this other guy existed

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See, I know so little about the Beautiful South, that I thought you were just learning that he was the singer. Now I realise that wasn’t the case. Thanks for taking the time to explain.

No problem bud, glad we have managed to learn something from this thread

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