Some new site features for your consideration!

Only got this underneath my latest post, don’t know if it was visible to anyone else at the same time??

Skjermbilde 2021-03-16 kl. 12.31.14

Nothing showing before making a post

I didn’t get that - I got ‘site in slow mode’ warning when I tried to post.

Ok. So if we ever did this, the mod who enabled it would need to make a post saying “This thread is now in slow mode” or something.

The DND option sounds great. Is it just for notifications and emails. Is there any notification or indication for a person if they @ them or message them? Just checking to see to what extent it’s anonymous or visible. Also do all the notifications accumulate for when you come back online? I assume so.

i saw that but don’t know if that’s because i qualified as not being allowed to post


^that’s what comes up when you try

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And thread starters can’t make something slow mode? It’ll need some coordination with a mod?

I haven’t posted before but can see the message about waiting


I expect slow mode wouldn’t work for reasons posted above
But could we maybe test it out with a couple of scenarios?
Like a dummy thread about something that people have BIG OPINIONs on but is innocuous enough to not actually offend anyone. A best ways to cut pizza thread maybe?
I could maybe see it working with a 5 or 6 minute interval period, enough time maybe for someone to reassess what they might post, but not enough time for someone to feel like they are ring refused a right to reply?


Although will it let me post this anyway?

It’s not coming up with any warning on mobile

I’m having inflammatory opinions and no one can stop me x


it was turned off again

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But quite often people will reply to a post upthread of the most recent one, so you wouldn’t see the notification.

If they could give a user a warning BEFORE they post that the thread is in slow mode, then I think this could be a useful feature. I don’t think that it should be too hard for Discourse to bring in (they already have the ‘blue’ notifications pop up if they think you’re posting too much or replying too often to the same person, for example.

Slooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww mooooooodddddddddeeeeeeeeee

Oh ok - on iPhone I can do what I want

Oh just seen it’s been turned off


Think we need a designated slow mode pilot thread. Then can use this thread to report back

You’d miss all this great content if it was on, so that’s something to consider

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Deffo needs some tests - I can see when it could be useful