Some new site features for your consideration!

I’ll try posting a new thread and put it in slow mode immediately, see how that works

slow mode would probably save my career.


No prob! Most of the updates we get are completely uninteresting, but these stood out for me so thought it worth a thread.

I think it might be worth trying slow mode on a thread where tempers might be flaring and if it makes things worse, well, we know not to try again. Maybe start with 5 mins rather than 15.

was playing in the slow mo test thread and it looks like it won’t let you edit posts


that’s maybe a setting that can get tweaked though idk

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slow mode sounds very relaxing


comes up with this if I try to post again

Won’t let me edit either


The main issue I see with slow mode is that some posters have a tenancy to quote post in single posts, yknow? That means they’d only be able to reply once.

I wonder if a reactive slow mode when things are getting a bit out of control could be combined with a kind of templated notification when it gets turned on that could combine a bit of best practice guidance for users, something like.

‘Hi all. We are now entering slow mode. Responses will be limited to once every xx minutes for each user and we encourage considered and respectful contributions. Please be mindful of repeating points made or liking posts which may be upsetting to other users. Mods out! Peace!’


I’m going out for a little while now so won’t be responding until later, but keep talking!

Only problem I can foresee is of someone has a typo which misconstrues the meaning of their post (a can/can’t kind of thing), and they accidentally offend someone without the means to rectify it or apologise for 15 mins


Yeah I like this! :+1:

Though the fact that you can’t edit your last post during this phase either could cause undue stress in an already heated situation…

if it’s a total disaster of a typo i’m sure you can DM a mod to change it for you

can’t imagine that happening very often though

This has already been covered, sorry all

true, and i guess if they’ve felt the need to put it in slow mode in the first place, they’d be watching it anyway

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Yeah I think if possible that should be turned off. I don’t think people here would use that to continuing arguing (famous last words)

Can imagine slow mode being really, really frustrating. I’m not sure restricting people is the best way forward tbh. Not a fan.

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I agree it might be frustrating at times. I imagine it might only get deployed occasionally and (if used) we’ll have to see how it goes. I really think we need to try something to take the heat out of disputes that have left to people leaving for good. It gives people notice that they need to consider their reply and ensure people demonstrate empathy which I think we all agree is important and one of the main learnings from this weekend


the alternative used at the moment is that threads get completely locked for a while, which is even more restrictive