Some new site features for your consideration!

I like the colours


Thank you, I was very happy when I figured out how to do it! :rainbow::rainbow::rainbow:

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Have they gone again or have i done something

Just these colours on the front page:

All the new categories were blue before.

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as it’s a new month tomorrow I shall be dragging everyone kicking and screaming into DiS 3.0 with new threads galore


I eagerly await your thread posting

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people really hate new threads


DiS: we would like to try new stuff to see things happen to help new members.

Also DiS:no wait, not like that

is there any intention to give more of us permission to edit our posts, thread titles & categories etc.?

i wanted to fix something in my own thread the other day but the time had passed and i didn’t wanna bother any mods about it, would’ve been easy if i had the rights to do it.

Not really, the limit is currently at 10 minutes. However, everyone on Trust Level 3 (that means all of these lads ) should be able to edit titles and categories etc. That being said, “bothering” mods about this sort of stuff is exactly what we do have mods for, so drop a flag or a DM whenever :slight_smile:

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How do you get to trust level 3?

Manually now. As standard it’s based on your community engagement so likes given and received thresholds, replies etc. but people all went mad with power at first so we locked it down

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Think we actually locked it a while back as there were concerns about too many people having this sort of access. So atm, you can only get it if one of us mods manually changes it for you.

Wtf is this collapsing replies thing all about?

Its confusing me quite a bit, keep missing responses

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Its confusing me quite a bit, keep missing responses


Ahh, tried a new thing. Don’t mind getting rid of it again, just wanted to see what it actually does tbh.

Edit: Yeah that’s shit, getting rid.


Thank god for that, it’s rubbish!