Some new site features for your consideration!

Should be back to normal now!


Am I right in thinking this is one and the same as when sean bestowed member status to a flurry of folk if they piped up that they were a regular (?) donor?

Don’t think it was intended as a direct reward for payment, or a dangling carrot to get people to pay, just that it was a functional way to level up a bunch of folk in a (rough and ready, but fairly reliable) way that was useful to the boards overall in terms of low-level housekeeping/maintenance.

Think so, yeah. I wasn’t involved in any of that (think it was during Theo’s reign??)

I don’t always remember what’s level 2 and what’s level 3 tbf (for example I thought the Lounge had been available to level 2 for a while now), so sometimes I’ll bump old users’ new accounts to level 3 without really thinking. We generally don’t use level 3 actively anymore, but also haven’t wiped the list of users who had already made it to level 3 before we closed it.

This was a very boring post and I’m sorry

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The collapsing replies thing is quite a poor execution of an idea I think is needed. Was good being able to immediately see the replies to a post instead of just scrolling down and having to manually work them out. Didn’t test it enough but if it meant that the replies weren’t visible without pressing the arrow that’s not good though.

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If you’re in a thread on mobile with 400 posts and post number 20 is a post you want to see all of the responses to there’s no easy way to do that without scrolling through everything

I don’t even know how this feature works, TBH. I did see something about collapsed before but when I expanded I seemed to see the same number of posts.

I assume it’s like when you click on a user’s icon under the first post and ‘filter’ to just show their ones though? It’s a nice feature but it’s very hard to get it to show you any context posts to help, so normally I just use it on my own posts to work out if I covered a particular thing already.

You can click on the number at the bottom which tells you what post number youre on and drag the bar to wherever you want

polls are different

So they are! Auto update from Discourse that, not us. Hadn’t even noticed until now.

Is there going to be any way we can change it back? I’m not typing out potentially 40+ albums or singles for each HGATR into individual poll boxes.

you can use the poll build box to create one and then just edit the text once it’s in your reply

That’s a good call, it’s also possible to write in one option, press shift+enter (on a mac) for a new line, and repeat (you’ve probably checked out the options you get from the settings/preferences symbol I guess?)

you can shift+enter for a new option on windows too

is there a setting tweak to make them public by default?

Doesn’t look like it, sorry

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  • I am testing the new poll options
  • I am clicking your poll because you made it

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Hey @IvorDewdney @japes is right

[poll type=regular results=always chartType=bar]
* A
* B
* C
* D
* E
* F
* G

as long as the first bit atop is the same, and you add * and a space, it’ll code as is

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I only use DiS on my phone so I’ll try the japes method! Panicked for a minute when there was no ‘number rating’ option until I clicked the settings thing.

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It’s gone back to normal for me now


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