Some news about DiS

Hi All

My contract ended with Max Richter a few weeks ago and have started a new company.

I have also managed to regain full control of Drowned in Sound.

No big plans to happen imminently but am going to get back to doing the mailing list on Substack (a victim of workload last year) and already talking to some interesting partners about curating radio and playlists… and have some fairly ambitious ideas involving rebooting our podcast and digital singles club / label but trying to find the right business model

Anyway the news just dropped in music industry trade press so wanted to let you all know a little more

If you wanna give my new company a follow it’s also on Insta




Best of luck with things.


I’m quite surprised by this bit - I was wholly under the impression it was all you before.

Best of luck with it all. I, for one, welcome our new CCCLX overlords


Ah, CCCLX is pronounced three hundred and sixty? That’s pretty cool Sean, good luck!

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It was previously 50% owned by Quietus Management (previously known as Silentway) who manage acts such as Simply Red, Suede and Chrissie Hynde. Obviously briefly a joint venture with Bskyb for a year when we launched The Quietus. It means I currently only need to do end of year accounts for one company, which saves on accountancy costs (DiS structure was quite complicated so couldn’t just do it myself)

Also in past when I’ve done consultancy work, like launching Independent Music Monday for PIAS, it was more as a freelancer and now I can more easily shape shift and bring in other people on projects when needed.


Correct! It confuses some people but I love Roman numerals plus obviously XL was already taken. Pretty much everyone sees numerals at end of films and in museums, felt like they’re not the norm in music.

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Ace news! Now get the main website active again and we’ll put together another article on My Vitriol for you. :slight_smile:

Had no idea about any of this. Do you still have an interest in the Quietus?

Wait, should we be pronouncing ‘XL’ as ‘40’?

shocked keanu reeves GIF


Small, Medium, Large, Forty, Thirty


Half, Thousand, Fifty, Forty


Had no idea Big Max was the supreme overlord.

Would’ve been getting mates rates on his albums had I known.


*Mick Hucknall

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Nope. When the Sky funding ended (they bought the company that sold our ads and advanced us money to build new websites) we let them have the site. Similar to how I gave all the acts we signed their albums back if we didn’t pick up the next album.

Oh Max wasn’t involved in DiS. I just phrased that poorly due to watching the war unfold on the news :person_facepalming:


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Not sure if this was a bad faith question (seemed quite pointed and not a username I’m familiar with) but in case anyone else wanted to know

Oooooooof, can’t believe I got a don’t know who you are, pal.

Don’t think it’s bad faith to ask what sort of projects you’d be doing, had been reading the NFT etc threads on the boards and seeing the discussions on it which you had been participating in fairly frequently. Just engaging!


Sorry, buddy, now you’re the first one who’ll be sold as an NFT :pensive:


Luzhny was NFT’ed for all our sins.