Some odd things

First of all, that story is pretty odd. Then the judge has said “You quite literally considered yourself above the law.”

I mean, I’m sure the judge thought that was a good line, but it’s not accurate is it? Unless the guy thought there was actually a height at which the law ceased to apply.

“In short, you used a £2m helicopter which costs something like 1,000 dollars (sic) an hour to run to advance your own sexual curiosities when it should have been detecting crime.” The judge has now started switching currencies mid-sentence, which should definitely not be happening.


is there international waters for the sky?

like, how far up do you have to go before a pilot can legally marry you or you can start gambling or that?

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surely anything goes in space?

so there must be a point at which sky law becomes space law

65000 feet…

Judge sounds great

Just tells some Barrister to sit down during his speech

had a chuckle at this.

Apparently it’s this

height of arrogance