Some people don't eat cereal...

Can’t help but find that really, really weird. It’s the best, easiest, most refreshing snack.

Get irked below…


The only cereal I will ever eat is bran flakes, plain with no milk, like if I need a little help moving things along


Yeah it irks me, and I’m now irked thinking about it

when I totally lost my appetite, all I could really manage was cereal

been eating a lot of those Weetabix chocolate tubes that supposedly have more protein in

Big into these atm

Basically just sugar but who cares


I can go a couple weeks cereal free, but I will never not eat cereal.

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Love cereal. Got some curiously cinnamon for the first time in ages on the go right now.

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The absolute peak of cereal, imho, is a big bowl of Gloriously Cinnamon with sterilised milk.

I’m a big fan of a mid-afternoon bowl of cereal, too.

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Had been out of the game for a while but all bran berry crunch is doing it for me lately.

Not that bothered about cereal.

Have granola with yogurt and berries for breakfast of that counts

Would rather just have toast as a snack item.

Not entirely sure if I’ve ever had cereal since becoming an adult.


There it is.

Who had six minutes on the sweep?


Such a daft thing to say given there are so many different types of milk.

… but then again some people’ll


berries in cereal are always too tart for my liking

I like tart things

I like things that are tarts

I’ve really come home to weetabix recently. 3 bix, sprinkling of sugar and some red or green milk. Morning or evening

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@rich-t please make these cheaper and in 1kg sizes

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