Some prick has managed to park in BOTH our parking spaces!


Slap bang in the middle! I’m going to start attaching notices to people’s cars using these bad boys

So they are a fucker to remove!


Have they got your names on them or sutin?


We have had this discussion before

Private road - people shouldn’t be driving up here anyway unless you live here

Parking spaces directly outside the house - so it’s blates obvious that The space is affiliated with the house

Its basically a very small driveway - you wouldn’t park in someone’s drive would you?

They gave gone now anyway




You can just cut them with scissors


The cable ties - not the people


Yes that’s true - but who has scissors in their car? They will have to drive home with the 10 laminated sheets that say ‘I am an inconsiderate parking prick’ flapping about in the wind - they they will have to go and get some scissors from inside, they back out to the car to snip then all off, then they will have to dispose of the rubbish!



Can’t imagine what you would attach them to? The wheels?




Was it you?


That Martin Clunes really is a right fucker isn’t he! :angry:


Mirrors, windscreen wipers, grill
Loads of places


Wipers I guess. Particularly annoying if it’s raining.




Who do you think the a space that is directly outside a house, on a road that only the residents are supposed to drive on, might belong to?



Lol imagine it. Laminate of “PRICK” ascending and blocking your view as you drive along in the rain.


Could always go and have a word with them like a grown up? Or let their tyres down


I’m guessing it’s the person who owns the road. Is that you?


Can’t decide if the cable ties is too strong or not strong enough a retaliation. Either way it’s a bunch of shit.


Can we have a photo of the setup to judge if they were in the wrong or not?