Some questions about oxford


I know there are a few people on here…

  • where should I buy a bike?
  • where are the pubs in north Oxford?
  • best takeaways that do delivery


Are you up Summertown way?




I don’t really know too much about pubs up that end, it’s a lot more suburbany, but you’re only about a mile’s walk from Jericho, which is stuffed full of nice pubs by the canal.


You’re in Summertown, right? It’s a few years ago now, but I used to live on Woodstock Road, just south of Summertown. Always thought the pubs there were shite, but I liked Jericho/Walton St, which wasn’t far from me.

Google says Spice Lounge is still there. The first takeaway I had from there was rubbish but every time I ate in was excellent, so maybe it was a one off. I can’t find the other place I used to get curry from, so maybe it doesn’t exist any more.


got one from Spice Lounge last week and it was the actual worst thing I’ve ever eaten by far.


actually might be confusing it with somewhere with a similar name but yeah I hate just guessing food places. I’ll just chance it and get my boyfriend to cook for me.


Are you studying at the uni, or got a job in Oxford now?


Is the Anchor still there? That used to be all right as a decent if slightly old fashioned local. Not been there for about 15 years, mind.


If it’s the one at the bottom end of Summertown it’s probably the same one. Maybe that terrible takeaway I had wasn’t a one off, then. Don’t understand why there’d be such a big difference between that and eating in, but there we go.


Summertown itself isn’t great for pubs, but you’re not far away from the Rose and Crown on North Parade (towards town from Banbury Road) which is great, and there are some good ones in Jericho too (Rickety Press, Harcourt Arms, Victoria Arms, Gardener’s Arms). Avoid the Jericho Tavern though, it’s way overpriced. All the pubs by Port Meadow are nice too esp. The Perch.

Tiffins in Kidlington is good for curry I think. Also Ovisher is supposed to be good but I haven’t eaten there.

Get a bike 2nd hand - there are loads of rip off shops around as it’s a student place. If you do end up going to a shop I’d probably go to Summertown Cycles which is slightly pricey but at least pretty trustworthy.


The one by the canal? It’s a fancy gastropub now.


It is, it’s rebranded as a restaurant basically. Nice food though


Yeah that’s the one. Looks a bit different now tbh.


Big fan of this place, but they don’t deliver.


All those pubs are nice. My favourite though is the Old Bookbinders, if you can get a table. It always seems to be really popular.


The Bookbinders is great! Hard to get into though, and I used to always get lost trying to find it. Are you an Oxford DiSer too?


No, I used to work at the uni though (really not a fun experience), and I’ve got a friend who’s originally from Headington, and I’ll go and meet her in Oxford if she’s visiting family.


good luck :birthday:


studying (for the next few years)