Some sweet Friday action

I don’t have the answers, btw. You’ll have to mark each other

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  • Toblerone
  • Not a toblerone - peaks aren’t high enough
  • Dunno

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  1. curley wurly
  2. rolo
  3. mars bar
  4. toffee crisp
  5. crunchie
  6. milky way
  7. flak
  8. kit kat
  9. ouble decker
  10. twirl
  11. topic
  12. walnut whip
  13. lion
  14. bounty
  15. star bar
  16. chomp
  17. dairy milk
  18. toblerone
  19. boost
  20. fruit and nut

not only the peaks but im sure toblerone had the letters of it near the pieces too, not sure what else it could be though :thinking:

  1. Curly Wurly
  2. Rolo
  3. Mars
  4. Toffee Crisp
  5. Crunchie
  6. Milky Way
  7. Flake
  8. Kit Kat
  9. Double Decker
  10. Twirl
  11. Another Mars for some reason
  12. Walnut Whip
  13. Picnic
  14. Bounty
  15. Snickers
  16. Twix
  17. Dairy Milk
  18. Own-Brand Toblerone
  19. Star Bar
  20. Whole Nut


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It’s a whole different shade to #3. I’m not sure

Edit: and texture!

Did a round of this in a quiz once and my brother-in-law was going to put down “Lion” for “Toffee Crisp” like an absolute fucking moron. I will NEVER let him live it down, will bring a Lion with me any time I visit and be all like “fancy a Toffee Crisp, you fucking idiot?” before handing it to him


It’s clearly a Yorkie.


No way

Yorkie is thicker chunks. It’s not for girls, remember?

12 looks fucking disgusting

Like a massive chocolate spot and somebody has burst it and the nasty knotty spot puss is coming out

It is the humble and delicious walnut whip. It is visually unappealing to look at to protect its fluffy marshmallow inside. A bit like a porcupine.

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  1. is what I unleashed in the bog this morninG!!! AHAHAHAHHA

Why are you putting chocolate in the toilet? You’ll block it.

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You know what, fair play Matthew

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They’re both terrible chocolate bars so the real loser us still both of you.

Topic is nice and also Mars is nice

Mars too sickly.

I was referring to toffee crisp and lion. Both taste stale and Why’d you want one of the worst cereals in your bar?

used to like a double decker but they’re awful really