Some sweet Friday action

Toffee Crisp is ok, Lion is poor

Double Decker is “the best one”

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Bang on Bammers.

Everyone ready to hear my D theory again? D choc bars are shite (apart from if they start with Dairy).

Double Decker


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it’s way too sugary and goopy, makes your insides hurt to swallow it


You should try refrigerating it perhaps

ordinarily I do put chocolate in the fridge but there’s no point when it’s a soft centred one as it ruins them

I like it when a Double Decker has been in the fridge because the nougat starts hard and ends chewy

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well as long as you are happy, that’s the main thing

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Thank you for saying that x

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I also like this, makes the removing of edge chocolate then the nougat and finally a biscuit much less strenuous.

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Wait, what?

They should make a chocolate bar that is modular like lego pieces and you can snap them together to build a simple object like a house or a car or a space ship

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fucking won’t though will they

So eat all the chocolate off the edges, then eat the nougat off the top, leaving you with the biscuit part for a final crunch. Wash down with tea.

How unusual!

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Chocolate in the fridge is ridiculous.

I’ll accept freezer as that is a totally different ball game but fridge… people afraid of flavour.

Something like this?


I like a frozen Mars Bar

The m is meant to be the monkeys arms. Not sure why they’re coming out of his head