Some things can be shards and others can't

It’s rough on the cheeks

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don’t like the word word either now that you mention it

Shards are usually sharp

Yeah, I know…

And those words are kinda similar.

You can have a shard of glass, but not a shard of sand. Are sands tiny shards? What is sand anyway?

Best Blondie song imo.


People say that glass is made out of sand but that can’t be possible. One of the main things about glass is that it is see-through. Sand is anything but!

very close to the word shart. Which is a lovely word.

I don’t like that word either

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Don’t care.

That would be a pain in the ass

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I’m not asking you to care, I’m just asking you to know

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Was just thinking that Shards would be a good name for a punk band, then I thought wait a minute there already is a punk band called Shards then I remembered that they are actually called Sharks. Thought you all should know.

I like sharks (the animal)

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How about a punk band called Sharks Shart Shards

They could write songs about nihilism, sniffing glue and how glass and sand can’t possibly be the same material


I hate the word shart so would therefore hate this band.

that’s pretty punk

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You clearly need to clean your sand

A shank is similar in appearance to a shard.

I admire the sharp, shard, shank similarities in names as well as form.