Some up November for me

Anything important happen while I was gone? Can someone please some it all up?

Sad to think all those people who have muted me are missing out on this #quality #content

a month of the year that lies in between october and december

Thanks Google

Bonfire night.
My birthday.
Shit weather.
Xmas ramping up.
Children in Need.

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Thank you, this is very succinct and informative, succormative if you will

I succ.

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some up, some down.

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Some 41



After travelling or going on holiday (don’t want to upset the sensibilities of some of our posters) I caught a train up to London with a mate and he bumped into a colleague who was told that I had just returned. This guy then went to me ‘oh God! So you don’t know? There is the programme called 24 that is set in real time starring Keifer Sutherland as Jack…’.

This story is very confusing, have we reached a point where people forgot 24 existed?

The story happened in 2002.

Please readjust in your mind and reread.

Arrrgghhh 17 years… meat. shovel. grave.

Still can’t believe my mum let me go travelling aged 11.

I feel like the entire anecdote is not enriched by the back story and the only key point is that someone tried to alert you to the awareness of 24 which I’m struggling to care about without relatable context.

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You called your friends colleagues as an 11 year old?

Look dickface the anecdote is that somebody was so fucking stupid that he couldn’t wait to tell a stranger about some bullshit TV programme that he had watched while the other guy was away. That was the thing he needed to get out immediately.

Little did he know that the beauty of my soul had been realised on my travels and I had transcended popular culture.

Now I think you might have been that stupid fuck.

I am Doogie Howser.