Some useful information for all you frequent flyers


If you by a return flight ticket and do not take the outgoing flight they will cancel your return flight and make you buy another ticket(on nearly all airlines). It is shocking!


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Doesn’t apply to platinum class fliers apparently.


my mistake.

sorry @plasticniki sorry @JonnyMango sorry everyone


yep had a work colleague who found this out the hard way.


I’ll tell the story because there are a few sheffielders on here who’ll get it.

He had to get the train to Manchester airport from Sheffield. It was a direct train through to Manchester Airport but it can be quicker to jump off at Stockport and run and jump onto a train heading to the airport, saves you going into Piccadilly and back out again. Saves you 20 mins or so, but the connection time is quite tight at Stockport.

So the train rolls into Stockport and he runs off, looks at the platform board for the airport train, runs and jumps on a train and it pulls away “This is the TransPennine Service to Cleethorpes, calling at Sheffield…”

So he’d managed to jump onto the wrong train and was going all the way back over the pennines back to Sheffield. He was begging with the conductor to stop the train and let him jump off and get a taxi, but obviously they weren’t going to do that.

He then had to get the next flight out which was going from Liverpool, not Manchester, managed to get a train and plane ticket sorted and met us with us (at a conference in Amsterdam) about 6 hrs late

Then heading back home from Schiphol he found out his return flight had been cancelled because he no-showed for his outbound one. It was the last evening flight back to the north of England so had to pay for a hotel and new flight the next morning.

The worst thing is that he begged our boss and he paid for all the additional expenses! Two new flights and a night in a hotel all because he couldn’t work out which platform a train was going from.


I too learned the hard way


If you call them and say “don’t cancel the flight” will they still cancel it?


I would say yes bcos if you caught the out bound and dont go on the return there is no way of penalizing you so they are just doing it the other way round bcos they can make more money!