Some vinyl for sale - UK based

Howdy, job woes mean money woes means sell some stuff:

13th Floor Elevators - Sign Of The Three Eyed Men - 10 cd boxset with lavish book, posters, memorabilia - £140

Come - Don’t Ask Don’t Tell LP £18

Liminanas - Crystal Anis LP with cd £12

King Gizzard - Float Along LP yellow repress with poster £25

Woodstock Festival Soundtrack 3LP, bit old and worn, plays with pops, so £7

Aretha Franklin - Amazing Grace 2cd with booklet, Rhino reissue £20

Dirty Beaches - Water Park OST 10" vinyl £6

All plus postage, £4 for the LPs but about £12 for the boxset as that weighs about 2.5kg and needs to be tracked/signed.

If any tickle your fancy bits or you want to chat prices then give a holler :+1:

King Gizzy pants now gone.

Elevators box set now gone.

All gone except the Aretha cd and Woodstock lp.