Some vinyl for sale

I have some up for sale on the Discogs. Drop a DM if you fancy any, happy to chat sensible offers or bulk buys. Cheers!
Haress is a fantastic album, I somehow have two copies so selling my spare.

Just bought Haress from you :+1:

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I did just send a message to the buyer (that’s you that is) via Discogs… Cheers!


Yep, that’s me.

Look forward to hearing the record.

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It’s a really lovely record for sure.


Only the Telescopes and Thee Oh Sees available now.

Got a few cd’s too:

Arrived safe this morning and sounding great - thanks.

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Great to hear, thanks for letting me know. The flexi is a really cool addition as well.

Haven’t listened to that yet but the album is great

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Two left:
Telescopes - Songs Of Love and Revolution £25
Thee Oh Sees - Live In San Fran £25