Some wonderful news

I was drunkenly brushing my teeth on Friday night while listening to music on my wireless earphones and one of them fell into the toilet. Nightmare! I retrieved it and sat it on the dehumidifier and switched it on for a couple of hours, and I have tried to use them now and they are working perfectly.


really pleased for you mate.

my wireless earbud that I misplaced hasn’t turned up yet. I hope I can bring more wonderful news to this thread soon, will keep you updated.

Didn’t even have to put it in rice, result :+1:


Dehumidifier is the 21st century bowl of rice


jumps on google, orders dehumidifier


My friend at uni accidentally poured a pint of water on my PS3 (was one of those rare OG models too that played PS2 games) and it basically shorted out immediately.

A week drying out under my bed later and it worked again before dying a not exactly gracious death two years later.

Thanks for reading

I dropped a cup of tea on my laptop on Friday. It is fine except the two button doesn’t work when the shift is held down and the S piece has become dislodged

That’s fine, you can use the virtual keyboard. For extra bants you can tell people it’s touch-screen even if it isn’t, then laugh yourself stupid when they try to use it.

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I had one of those. lobbed it into the skip just before I moved abroad without realizing they could sell for quite a bit.

hahaha, SenorPissyEar


I can’t quite recall through the drunken haze, but I’m hopeful the toilet had been flushed and the water was relatively fresh.

You git


Fucking yes!!!

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Why didn’t you recycle it or sell it to CEX or give it to me

Just kidding

5 fucking edits for this crappy post

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Does everything sound slightly shitty to you now?