somebody set me a challenge

I’m bored.

Aim for a Perfect Game in FFVIII. Should take a few hundred hours at least…

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25 keepy uppies

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Trauma Oder Illusion

Very true

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Get a friend with updog

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Draw a fictional map?


Do the nevis/everest challenge with me. It requires you to run up 139 flights of stairs every day for 31 days. By the time you finish you will have run up nevis and everest, but you’ll still be in your own house so no need to climb back down

And you’ll need new carpets on your stairs

It’s win/win



Be the next David Blaine.


one large glass of wine

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Do a 100 press ups in one go

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Put on every item of clothing you own.


Sorry, I’ve decided I’m not really the challengeable type.

Thanks anyway

Listen to Mastodon’s catalogue in full

Gorge on toblerone and drive to Dundee in your bare feet.

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Text all your mates and form a superband

Without looking it up, how many years ago do you reckon that advert was?

Is this some sort of challenge?

If so, I defer to bamnan