Somebody should do one of those top 100 things for videogames

yeah! wasn’t one called Alex as well?

oh he was a dinosaur


can’t remember. googling it reveals alex was a raptor

Tekken 3 best characters:

  1. Eddie Gordo
  2. Dr B
  3. Yoshimitsu
  4. Brian Fury
  5. King

i was sure there was 2 kangaroos, completely misremembered

Roger’s son Roger Jr


maybe you’re thinking of Panda or Bear?

Marshall Law
the old giffer with the mad hair

i can confirm i am not

The best PS1 fighting game was Bushido Blade.

Loved how tense it was that one good hit good take you or your opponent out.

Also both of you being cut on the leg and then having an endless limping chase across the massive stage :+1:


probably Lee and Jin

yeah bushido blade was awesome, used to love playing that 100 ninjas mode where you had to try and kill all of them without dying. Brutally hard

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completely forgot about Jin, yeah he was ace


Good games: Silent Hill 1 & 2, Portal, Dark Souls, Tekken 3, Pro Evo 5 & 6
Bad games: Others

think you and eric live in this parallel universe where video games stopped being made in 2005.

ps1 fighters:

Soul Blade > Tekken 3 > Tekken 2 > Bushido Blade > Battle Arena Toshinden

Just 3D diggers? Bloody roar better than toshinden.
2d fighters had Marvel Vs Capcom.

I really want to play this (modern) game:

Not just because of the name

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thought bloody roar was ps2, maybe I’m wrong