Somehow missed Flagpole Sitta passed its 20th birthday back in July

Woah. Recall buying that single back in the day, in my head it was around the same time as Eve 6’s Inside Out, although it looks like they were released over a month apart.

That Eve 6 track btw because I bet @xylo and @elthamsmateowen love it

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Oh here’s an article



There’s an offhand mention of it in that article, but THAT lib-dub also turned 10 last year:

That guy had a “sandwich I’d like to fuck” t-shirt and I approve

Did Busted T’s do that one? Most of the people in the video worked for them at the time.


Regular brain: this is quite fun

Solar system brain: ugh, remember flash mobs?

Galaxy brain: it’s a company-wide lip dub, Jeremy!

This song had a life outside of peepshow?


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What an absolute banger.

Shite song

Rejected song title from Think Tank

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i like this song and bought the cd cos it’s not on spotify

this is a pretty good piano-pop/alt rock record too

Ok the first album is way better than I expected.