Someone has done one of those fancy longread things for Purple Aki




The state of that layout.


“At the time Vaughan was 15, maybe 16”

Which is it? I hate it when journos let the longform thing allow them to believe they’re writing fiction, and slip in all these little “writerly” touches.


Get a load of Johnny Factcheck over here, give it a rest mate


There’s a documentary


that layout is appalling


Can’t be fucked with all that scrolling.

Scrolling sucks. Sort it out internet admins.


Always found it a fascinating story. He’s really famous, especially in the North-West, on a sort of bogeyman level. Hard to know how much of it’s true, but he’s obviously a repeat offender.

Always felt uncomfortable with the openly racist name, mind. Would be better if he was called something else.



Maybe you should read the story, pal.


I stopped reading those stupid fucking Pitchfork articles that did this. The BBC layout is appalling.


I saw him outside Aldi on Market Street in Manchester about a year or so ago.


That article was shit


something about it not being written by theshipment


the writing was proper dodgy m8


Silky? :poop:


Really weird that someone has become a cult legend of sorts due to a penchant for sexual assault


I have never heard of this fella before but he’s obviously some sort of light hearted urban legend in Liverpool which is weird because it’s all a bit sinister. There’s a show on bbc iplayer about him too (probably mentioned in that article although I haven’t read it).