Someone in the UK has won £120m on the euromillions last night


I have a ticket that I haven’t checked yet. Am I the winner?

  • Probably
  • No

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If it’s my work syndicate (in which I do not participate) I’ll kill myself.


I’ve got a couple of lines of numbers that i’ve had for years on the main Lottery. Used to regularly win prizes for three and four numbers. Since they changed it from a 49-ball draw in 2015 i’ve not won a penny. Just checked. £1,040 it’s cost me. Fucking insane. Obviously i can’t cancel it.


i’ve always liked you dingdong, just want that on record


Guys, it was me.

Who wants a new bookcase?





Poor woman.


I have not won.


Well, not with that attitude.


revised my vote


“People who win the lottery often find it makes them LESS happy!”

Yeah, does it bollocks.