Someone is parked in my car parking spaces again



went away for a long weekend visiting family, came back yesterday at about half ten (evening) - big old white van is across both the spaces so we can’t park. Apparently it has broken down, and our stupid neighbour was all like ‘oh yeah they are away, just leave it there’.


the bloke whose van it is lives in london, he says his AA membership won’t cover it as it’s not in London, some other boring stuff has transpired, just got this stupid van stuck outside the house for an indeterminate length of time




move house you soft sod


Just fucking push it out of the way


throw one of your tvs at it


You’re on a private road, right?

Use your neighbour’s parking space.


construct a ramp and park on top of the van


For the many, not the few.


quite expensive and inconvienient


There’s only one practical solution. You’re going to have to sell your car.


not strong enough :disappointed_relieved:


Just get some kid to help you then


stick a house number on the side of it and rent it out as a trendy pad


By parking spot do you mean public road outside your house?

If so it’s not your spot.


will break the television and I expect it won’t resole the problem




no i do not mean that - as quite rightly that would not be my spot


can’t get in the van (no keys)


also - would be very hot in this weather




Get it towed then.