Someone is parked in my car parking spaces again


well we might have to do this at some point, i don’t really want to as it seems a bit of a dick move as it’s not really the blokes fault for leaving it there as he was told (incorrectly) by our neighbour that we weren’t going to be there for a while and (as far as i can tell) he is going to get it moved but he just hasn’t yet (believed he had a few days to sort it out)

this country

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i have to go do some work now

hope you are all well!


Chris, budge it (out of your space)


Get into your van… and outta my space!


Classic @eems


For the moment your going to have to bide your time…BUT as soon as the time is right you have free rein to use your neighbours space and they cant complain as they so freely offered it up to that **** Smee! Its also worth waiting in case they get you a present for your good nature at the end of this sorry affair.

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This would anger me hugely as well because I am a tiny angry man Tory in the body of a 6ft 7 liberal


Write “Cock Piss Van Man” on it.


Sounds completely reasonable to me. Stop whining.


Just stop caring about it

Someone (also a van) did this to my space (my numbered space outside my building) last week. He left a note in the front saying he was only going to be there for the weekend and to give him a call if that was a problem. Called him and told him it was a problem and he got all irked and pissed and moaned about how he’d lived in the building for nearly 20 years and he didn’t think I was being very neighbourly. Still moved his van though, the prick.

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Jesus Christ what is your problem? The guy drives a van, he’s more important than you.


I’ve driven three vans.

The panel vans were meh. But the Transit? Oh boy, I felt like a king. Ronaldo. Les Ferdinand. James Corden. Ant AND Dec - at the same time. I could do anything!


When we moved I hired a long wheelbase transit for weekend, I was nervous at first but after 5 minutes I felt like a king. Although I didn’t take into account how narrow our road is.

this needs more love tbh

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I have told this story before but someone had the nerve to park in the Mangoes space!
So I decided if they were going to inconvenience me I wud inconvenience them. I was mid way though letting there tyres down when a muscle man and his wife came back. Fortunately I was covered by my car so they cudnt see me letting the tyres down but I wasn’t completely sure of this at the time. I was shitting my pants that they had seen but didn’t wasnt sure. They were obviously in the wrong and thought I was quite angry. They semi apologised and I sort of said ok. Then I jumped in my car and had to do a million point turn to get out of the way, all the while sweating it that they would notice the tyre. It was in the back of my mind that I had pump in the back of my car so if they had noticed I cud have pumped it up to avoid fistycuffs but that wud have been a very low point in my life. Probably wiped out a family in a blow out related crash but that’s the risk you take parking in someone elses spot ( I did worry about this for a while afterwards)


What a heartwarming anecdote.

naive as I may be, but i sort of hope this is true

I hate it when vans park on the corner of a junction