Someone keeps leaving the e off the end of my name in an email conversation

she also has an e at the end of hers. it would be petty to start retaliating but I think I might to just that.

poor Sme




how do you know it’s the e on the end and not that she hasn’t forgotten to type the first e


Fucking great point this, yeah Sme how the hell do you know?

Serves you right Frede

because one of the Es on Smee has an accent (irl)

i thought your name was Dan

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You must be thinking of @dan


Someone in my office just asked someone else what they’re having for lunch and the other person said “mince”.

This is now the Someone is currently doing/recently did Something thread

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someone in my office is posting in this thread

someone is ME

Someone’s just used the wrong spelling of my name on a meeting room booking :scream:

We’re through the lookin glass people

I used to know this girl in uni who would literally manage to somehow go on my facebook profile where obviously my name is quite prominent, click the “send Helene a message” button or whatever it was back then, and still misspell my name as Helena. Repeatedly. Was quite fascinating

People misspell my name all the fricking time even though it’s right there in my email address/contact info, ugh

Same here.
Also they shorten it to the incorrect shortened spelling of my name.


Sometimes I think people assume I’M spelling my name incorrectly.

I worked somewhere before where they spelled it incorrectly in my actual email and refused to change it unless I provided a birth certificate and about 3 other forms of ID so I just left it cause I couldn’t be arsed. I started to sign off with my name and the correct spelling but that made me look really insane so I started to spell my name incorrectly.


People always substitute the Fs in my surname for Ss - even when I say my name, spell it, then spell it phonetically then say it again. Results in a completely different name. Normally just tell people my name is Smith instead.