Someone make the Sunday thread

I want to chat about today already. Hurry it up, peeps.

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It’s you! It’s done! How’s your Sunday looking?? How was carnival?

had :bagel: and :egg: and :coffee:

pretty good


That doesn’t make any sense at all!


I am up and ready . Got a few ferrying of the kids to parties etc going on but no work because it’s activities week at work, which is all kinds of irk not least being I have to wear ‘sports gear’ all week. :fearful::anguished:
On the plus side, no planning!

Got to chop a collapsed rose onto pieces and sort that out though.

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This is now the Sunday thread.

Tell me about your day and plans and yesterday.

Carnival was ace, I drunk loads, grooved a bit, saw some good friends, got spangled. Now I’m lying in bed on a come down and I don’t intend to go further than the kitchen all day.


did you win a bet


Awww kermy, as far as I’m concerned you have a standing invitation to come hang :kissing_heart:


How tall do you need to be… and is being a woman important ? Asking for a friend…

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Had raspberry wheats and raspberries for breakfast. Too much raspberry.

Mum is in a mood today so it is going to be a slog of a day here :frowning:

this is like a milder version of the wolves are at the door


Had a pretty eventful evening yesterday. I’ve got a verrrrry painful inflammation or infection or something in my elbow so had to spend ages on the phone with 111 and then the out of hours doctor, but I’ve got antibiotics and some sweet sweet codeine coming today so hopefully it’ll be alright.

Also, tomorrow is my wife’s birthday. Because she’s estranged from her family (on account of them being awful people), birthdays are a weird time for her, especially as she has a twin sister (also estranged), so last night just before bed she decided that the only way to combat this was to cancel the 8th July as her birthday, choose 21st June as the new one (more birthday light than any other day), and we had a midnight present party featuring cake and an inflatable crown. She’s so relieved at not having to stress about it anymore it made me incredibly joyous. Now I have to go to work until 4.30, but then week off!


Slept like an absolute champion. (TV stopped over her mates… so had the bed to myself… :expressionless: )

Need to do a food shop this morning. Have a quick tidy round. Then off to the pub this afternoon for food.

(like for the birthday rearrangement, hope the elbow gets better soon and work isn’t too hellish)

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Er, next weekend is Pride I’m afraid :frowning: any weekend after that is good for me though!

this has clarified exactly nothing but i am happy for you



absolutely knackered from riding 443km overnight Friday into Saturday. got in at about half 6 last night, ate a pizza then went to bed for 12 hours but I had a horrible nightmare about being burgled

today: don’t really want to leave the sofa but the flat is a state and a new coffee shop and a new bagel shop have just opened up down the road, so if this rain clears I might pop out for a mooch

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The competition was yesterday

Who won?