Someone/people shot in house of commons?


anyone know?


Police shot a man wielding a knife seems to be the most prevalently spouted thing at the minute



one on westminster bridge too according to my #houseofcommonsmate


stay safe London folk


A car incident on Westminster Bridge as well it seems.

Sounding very grim tbh


five hurt ffs


Should go without saying but can we make sure we steer clear of posting the ghoulish photos and vids that people seem unable to retweet on Twitter plz.


^ this


My colleague’s boyfriend works in parliament, apparently they’re all being contained in the building.


A car hit 5 people on Westminster Bridge. Fuck, this is awful.


Would be great of Theresa May died


not now dude


wtf mate


It’s never the time or the place for comments like this. Have some time off.


And my friend in Portcullis House said they’re all under security protocol.




Shocking but sadly sort of inevitable.
Stay safe folks


Laura Kuenssberg confirming ten bodies on the bridge. Horrendous.

EDIT: She actually said “can’t confirm” not “can confirm”


Horrible news. Hope all of you and your loved ones are safe, London folk