Someone please help

I’m ill anyway, so tossing and turning for a second night in a row, but I can’t sleep.

Can’t stop thinking about ‘piecing things together’, like…shapes in space. Cannot get it out of my mind, and therefore cannot sleep. Ironically I think it’s because I’m over tired.

Help! Very quickly losing my mind.

I have had weird things like this before, particularly like you say when I’m totally knackered. Happens if I’m badly jetlagged a lot. I’ve usually found that I get a bit panicky for a bit, but then watch a show or something like that, and drift off to sleep.


I use an alphabet trick. I chose fruits, veggies, and nuts because that seemed easiest.
When I can’t sleep from anxiety or whatever, I start thinking of all those which start with ‘A’, then ‘B’, and so forth. Since I have to focus on the aisles of the shop or stalls at the market to visualize produce, my brain is distracted from whatever and I start feeling better. I’m usually able to get back to sleep in under 30 minutes.
Might start trying to do the periodic table.


Should add - it’s been interesting to find I don’t know many types of apples and only two types of pear! Shameful.

Take some night nurse, its for colds and flus and really helps with dreamless heavy sleep

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