Someone posted footage from Elliott Smith's last concert on Youtube



It’s been on there for about a year, I’ve just not seen it before - a lot of the live footage of him is a bit on the sketchy side.

I can’t get over how good he sounds and looks - I’d heard awful reports of his final shows (butterfingers, slurring/forgetting words etc)… but this is nothing like that.

Also can’t get over how many people are just stood there talking all over it. I know they weren’t to know he’d die a month later but still, shut the fuck up!

First minute or so is pretty shaky. It settles after a while:


People who Calgary during acoustic sets are the worst.

Once went to a Lau gig and the back up band did their bit that loudly talked at the back of the venue for the whole headliners set. I mean fucking hell. No one’s here to hear you play never mind talk.


Nothing worse than a load of people Calgarying their way through a set - I agree! :wink:


I occasionally Calgary during a gig.

By which I mean ‘go up to a stranger and explain that I’m going to kill them in a week’s time’.