Someone took my fork

From the work canteen


Canteen of cutlery


Shit all over a fella’s pain, why don’t you.

it’s only a fork

blah blah carbon

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She normally saves that for the patisserie

rode a steel fork to work today

I just used the lift to travel from the 1st floor to the ground floor.


Good question.


  1. The vending machine is broken on the ground floor, so
  2. I had to get a drink from the 1st floor, and
  3. There are signs on the stairs prohibiting people from carrying drinks up and down flights of the stairs, and
  4. I’ve not been here long enough to observe whether this rule is respected.
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Forking 'ell

I’m sorry to hear this.

Perhaps they will return it.

Have you got a kitchen area? You might find it left on the drainer.

Pretty sure it doesn’t apply to unopened cans and bottles from a vending machine

But a steaming hot cup of creamichoc?

Not a thing

No way id get anything from one of them

To be honest it was slim pickings.

Is this the banal thread now?

I would just like to inform everyone that I have now reached the status of MEMBER which means I finally get more likes, so now I can be even more of a like-slut! Amazing times.


just had a scone. a scone and butter. 6 fucking raisins in the whole scone. I’m pretty livid about it