Something and the Something Elses



Aha, nice. Thanks a lot!


The video in the link doesn’t work but:


The way they use the audio from the studio recording and then cut it into the live recording making it sound like a soggy pancake :smiley:


was at this. didn’t fancy arctic monkeys. no regrets, was amazing.

nearly a decade ago though :neutral_face:


(oops, this was pre Jicks wasn’t it??!! - apologies!)


The Hook was off SM’s debut solo-album which was pre-Jicks :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Great song though


yep realised too late to hide my shame!


Neil Young and The Crazy horse


Huey Lewis and the Newses


Tracy is hot and the clap





Gorgeous song, this.


god, what a bunch of absolute helmets


Just incredible stuff.

I do often feel okay about how they were? Like they seem to have reacted to the ‘machine’ of the record industry and later of fame in exactly the way really average mate would, which seems sort of gratifying.


Tracy and the Is Hot And The Claps


Chain & The Gang


Florian Monday & his Mondos