Something and the Something Elses



we can have this one instead then



These absolute world-beaters


Frankie Valli and


Michael Nesmith and the 2nd National Band


Footage is from an MTV does SPRING BREAAAAAAKKKKKKK special thing from 1993

There’s also a video of them doing Creep there on YouTube. I remember seeing reruns of it on MTV2 probably around the time Kid A / Amnesiac came out.


Ha look above. @paintycanned beat you to it quite spectacularly with blog he found.

Cheers though :slight_smile:




me first and the gimme gimmes


gonna start a band called something and the something elses



Just checked and it says Jicks on the CD though. Think he just likes being confusing with the name. Really messes with my iPod listings




Nice to see my old friends there, @shucks. :slight_smile:


Looking on YouTube there seem to be three or four bands called The Somethings.


Some friends of mine have a kind of competition where we get potential band names from newspaper headlines. My favourite was when The Sun wrote on their front cover about Jimmy Savile using his mobile home for assignations. The headline was “Jimmy and the Love Wagon”.


thats a different name though


And I’m looking forward to seeing them again on the 24th!