Something I've noticed people saying a lot more recently

is ‘bingo card’. As in ‘I didn’t have X on my bingo card for 2023 but here we are’ or ‘hands up if you had soandso doing suchandsuch on your Christmas bingo card’

  • I have also noticed this
  • No idea what you’re talking about
  • It’s always been a thing actually
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Not bingo card but…. The rest of the phrasing has got popular recently

I did not have x on my Christmas list but blah de blah

I did not have y on my can’t be bothered to finish this


Didn’t have this thread in my recipe book!


I’ve also noticed an uptick in people creating their own bingo cards for things, e.g. things that will happen in a work meeting, or things that happen when you visit your family over the holidays (saw that one on The Social Media).

I agree, I reckon it’s having a resurgence

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I’ve noticed a lot of people saying banzunglers because of Sterling from the Big Bong Theorem


Ah, awesome, I did have you posting a thread about “Bingo cards” on my bingo card, now I’ve got a Bingo! Thanks, funky


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Didn’t have this thread providing a platform for some truly dreadful posting on my bingo card but here we are!


The Big Bingo Theory


Voted not a thing, but just remembered that I actually used this phrase myself when discussing something with my parents over Christmas. Awful.


I feel like it started in 2020 when everything was going weird and now it’s stuck around

You won’t last 5 minutes down BJ’s Bingo hall using phrases like that.

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