Something I've started doing lately when I make oven chips

or technically ‘air fryer chips’ now, is putting them in a big bowl and tossing them about with garlic salt & pepper before putting them on the plates. Just a small change that makes me feel a little bit fancy.

  • Good idea, I do this too
  • Good idea, might try it
  • Pointless and silly thing to do, who do you think you are?!?

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I do it before cooking them, but yes. Good idea.

Sprinkle a little rosemary in there too, trust me


Tonight is an oven chip night, will take this wisdom with me.

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Do this with homemade chips sometimes, garlic & rosemary, sometimes a bit of parmesan.

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I chuck a load of chip seasoning in the tray when they’re cooked, give 'em a good old shuffle and shake with the spatula, then plate them up. Good technique.

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Used to do this, but a big stainless steel mixing bowl makes me feel more like a chef.

I’d definitely do the same but it makes more washing up!

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That is the one downside tbf

I know you’ll probably have thought of this already but you can use other seasoning blends too: Chinese five spice and garam masala are very good.

Big fan of this too:

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I’ve started just making chips from potatoes now I have an air fryer. Already do the garlic, salt and pepper thing.

I like to mix it up with chips, sometimes homemade, sometimes out of a bag. Got to keep life interesting.

I might have chips today as a treat

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Any general air fryer chips-making tips? I feel like mine are never quite right.

Haven’t quite got them locked down properly yet tbh. Didn’t parboil mine, just cut them up, tossed them about in some olive oil and garlic salt and chucked them in on the chips preset then an extra 5 minutes. They were fine, but not amazing.

Aye, that’s what I’ve been doing too and was considering a parboil for the next batch if I have time/energy. Totally edible, just feel like they could be better.

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Yeah might try this too if I cba tonight. Might just use Mccains.

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Salt, smoked paprika and sumac on sweet potato fries. Trust me.

Sostrene Grene do an amazing packet of chip spice, can’t have chips at home without chucking them about in that first.