Sometimes i'll have a black coffee...

Other times i have a cup of tea.

Occasionally i’ll have some sort of herbal or floral tea.

Now and again a hot chocolate.

Or just some honey and lemon with hot water.



Tell you what I like sometimes, a refreshing glass of tap water

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This is a hot drinks thread, Don Tony.

Pretty cowardly behaviour ngl

no offence

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Different drinks for different…needs

@doubleespresso has made his position on the black coffee debate clear from the start tbh.

Heard he likes a latte


Also, tea’s always better first thing in the morning. Coffee’s best after an evening meal. Glad we’re all agreed.

I can’t remember what your PA is called (Joan?), but it’s nice of you to keep her on her toes.

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at my desk at work i have

big bag of normal teabags
tin of coffee
box of fruit infusion tea
box of peppermint tea

different drinks for different needs

quite like an ovaltine when the nights are starting to get longer

Big fan of a hot chocolate after a long run in cold weather. Sometimes drink it while in the bath. Very rarely have hot chocolate in any other situation

Good shout. I have a hot chocolate in the shower. Couple of sips after washing my hair, then face, then body, obviously teeth last. Would normally do teeth before body but…

Ah right. I have a cup of coffee in the morning and a cup of tea at 1600hrs on weekdays.

alright, caligula

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I put strawberry nesquik in if I’m having a strawberry tea etc

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Don’t call me that please. Thank you x

Sometimes I have (almond) milk in my coffee, sometimes I have it black. Sometimes I have caffeine in my hot drinks, mostly I don’t. Sometimes I have sugar in my tea, on occasion I don’t. From time to time I have a hot chocolate.

Mostly I have chai.