Sometimes when I'm watching Repair Shop

and they go to a cut-scene of Brenton working away at something on his bench, I like to imagine that he’s waited for one of the others to go for a tea break, then stolen whatever they’ve been working on, taken it back to his bench and started concentratedly fucking it up with a hammer.

Do we have a Repair Shop thread? It’s getting quite popular so I believe.

Repair Shop person you’d most like to go for a pint with

  • Jay
  • One or other of the teddy bear women
  • Susie
  • Will
  • Brenton
  • The clock guy
  • Dominic
  • Any of those other ones who just does one type of musical instrument or something
  • Whoever’s doing upholstery this series
  • The one who puts plates back together
  • Still Will (but think it through. He’d get all teary after a couple of pints and start telling you his life story)

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I love the repair shop! It’s so soothing. Shout out to the wheel expert they had on recently whose family have been making wheels since medieval times :exploding_head: I would like to go for a pint with them all, please.

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Got married where they film it. It’s a lovely place. They save old buildings and structures and rebuild them exactly brick by brick.

Repair shop is fine I guess

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Don’t want to be churlish but are these people chipping in any money towards these repairs or is it all coming out of my license fee?

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Think I’ve got a couple of new favourites now. First off is Pete the drum and trumpet fixer who seems like a great bunch of trumpet fixer.

But I think top of the pile now has to be Dean the cobbler. Here’s how I imagine a typical day goes for Dean when he’s not in the Repair Shop.

After leaving the house to go to work fixing people’s shoes he encounters a toddler being pushed down the street in a pushchair. After making smiley eye contact he reaches down and magics a shiny penny out of the delighted toddler’s ear. Once at the shop he welcomes in an old gent whose shoes he’s been resoling for a decade and listens to him reminisce about the good old days when people used to wear a tie to go to the Post Office. Later in the day he’ll fix a pair of trainers that have come unglued, for a spunky teenager and will declaim animatedly and knowledgeably with them about their favourite celebrity branded sneakers of the last few years. After a hard and productive day’s cobbling he’ll drop by his local for a well-earned pint, only to find a tense situation threatening to kick off at the bar. Through calm assertive reasonableness alone, tempered with a hint of gently projected alpha masculinity he coerces the protagonists to deescalate and by the time he bids the barman farewell they’re both sharing a pint and exchanging tall tales of yesteryear together like old friends. And on the way home he rescues a cat out of a tree for a distraught elderly woman.

I reckon that’s pretty much how his days usually go anyway.

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Also still can’t get enough of Kirsten putting horrible pots back together and then making the owners cry. Everyone loves a fixed mug don’t they.

I have never watched the programme but I have visited the place where it is filmed a number of times (Weald and Downland Living Museum, a lovely place as @rich-t notes) and every time we go there we take a different bunch of relatives all of whom get very excited about the idea of being in the same place as Jay Blades. He’s well on the way to National Treasure status from the sounds of things

I mean he’s obviously a nice chap and all that but he’s really not much more than a front man these days. Even some of the others do a decent enough job of standing in for the extraction of stories and tears phase of the process.

It’s about time he fixed a bit of furniture.

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I’m going to pass this opinion off as my own at some point soon, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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It’s a shame more people here don’t really seem to enjoy it because for all my piss-taking we really do. It is incredibly wholesome, the tradespeople are genuinely incredibly talented and many of the stories and repairs are authentically extremely heartwarming.

Plus there doesn’t seem to be anything else on the telly this January so needs must.

A lot of my family bloody love it, that’s the main thing putting me off at the moment tbh

He helps out sometimes!

He does the odd bit of lifting yeah