Son Day

Sat here waiting for the washing machine to finish so I can go to bed.

Like a chump.

Seeing my son today (Sunday) which I am excited about. Tonight (Saturday) I played a gig, and it went very well.

What are y’all up to?


got this on 11


ah fs, my pal came over from Scotland to do a gig here tonight, asked a few days ago if she could sleep on my sofa, i said yeah and informed my housemate to make sure that was alright, he said it’d be fine and he’d be out at a wedding anyway.

we’re home, pal’s asleep on the sofa and i’m in my room, just heard my housemate come home from the wedding with another pal to stay over and going “ah shit, i wasn’t expecting anyone to be staying here tonight”.

they’ve both just decamped to his room but feel a bit awkward now in case my pal is feeling awkward or unwelcome or thinks i didn’t check, don’t really wanna put her off asking me anytime she needs a sofa for the night. ah well, i’ll just have to explain in the morning.

fucking #housemateirks

anyway aside from that i had a nice night

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Was woken up about half an hour ago by someone rutting in the car park behind our flat… There’s a massive park over the road ffs!


Last night :weary: but had a blast and now the final push! Wooooooooooooooooo


Morning - I’ve woken up unnecessary early for s Sunday (been awake about an hour)

SHOULD do some clearance of my wild garden today. SHOULD

Post->username interface?

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Just having a :coffee: before doing a :mountain_biking_woman:

It’s Tour de Penge today, so after :mountain_biking_woman: there will be :beers::hamburger:

Possibly another :art: of the lounge later



It did sound like a dog (or fox, I suppose) panting at one point…

The “Oh shit…” when I went to the window to investigate further, less so.

I was a bit disappointed it wasn’t any of the neighbours, because that would’ve been really funny. Probably got spunk all over the car now.


Up horribly early this morning as I’m getting a train :train2: to Edinburgh :european_castle: : in :notverylong:

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Fell asleep reading my book at about 11 last night so I’m wide awake now. Nothing to do til this afternoon then pub/roast with the tv and my parents. Might have an early morning walk actually.


Happy Son Day


Our first year wedding anniversary today. Staying with my parents for a few days. Going to an animal farm this morning . This afternoon going to Folkestone for a walk , champagne and lunch at posh seafood restaurant whilst baby cared for by grandparents. This will be the first meal the wife and I have ate together without baby !


Taking it easy in bed before I get the papers and make coffee for my GF. Cannot find my glasses in her room, which is troubling.

Birthday BBQ for an ultimate ATD today. GF is nervous about meeting my friends but they’re all lovely people so it should be fine.

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Morning. Today will consist of exercise, some music, food. But mainly just hoping that I don’t turn into a quivering hayfever riddled wreck like yesterday.

Look at this dickhead

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I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t hungover on a Sunday :grimacing: Had a lovely night though, was drinking by the Thames til midnight until the pub booted us out. Just gonna eat all the food and watch the cricket today.


Got a decent nights sleep last night thanks to the boy sleeping until 7.30. It has been constant CBeebies since then though.

I drank a lot. A lot. Help


Morning. Baby slept relatively well (1.30-5 and 6-10). Got an NCT BBBQ and meat. Gonna try and pop into town and meat @anon67149139