Sonar 2017


Anyone going this year? Booked it ages ago and lots of good stuff though the headliners are a bit weak (Justice and Soulwax all feels very 10 years ago)


Is there going to be another wave of acts announced? Tempted but there isn’t enough there to make me want to shell out to go to Barcelona again


Imagine there must be more coming


Bjork DJ set announced for the Wednesday night - its about €40 so not sure if I can be arsed.

Line up looking quite tasty now


2018 off to a decent start

LCD Soundsystem, Gorillaz, Laurent Garnier, Helena Hauff, Black Coffee, Ólafur Arnalds, Bicep (live), Lorenzo Senni, Wiley, George FitzGerald (live), Diplo, Tony Humphries, Bonobo, Nídia, Richie Hawtin presents CLOSE, Kode9 + Koji Morimoto, Francisco López, DITC Sound, Dinamarca, Daedalus, Rels B, Yuzo Koshiro X Motohiro Kawashima (live), Maribou State, Mueveloreina, Nídia, Jarami, Jamz Supernova, Studio Barnhus, Violet X Photonz, OBC + Brad Lubman play Terry Riley: IN C