Song Idea - For if you have partners/dependents who leave their shoes (or whatever) all over the place

To the tune of Blame it on the Boogie

:musical_note: Don’t leave em in the hallway :musical_note:
:musical_note: Don’t leave em in the doorway :musical_note:
:musical_note: Don’t dump em on the floor nay :musical_note:
:musical_note: Put em in the cupboard :musical_note:


I keep mine under my bed, like a deluded cowboy, how do you feel about that Antonino?

My bed has drawers underneath it

I feel seen by the first line of your wonderful song.

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And I ain’t talking about the box-shaped storage compartment without a lid, made to slide horizontally in and out of a desk, chest, or other piece of furniture if you know what I mean :wink:

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:notes:aint no shoes its plain to see :notes:
:notes:cos a woman like you has put them away :notes:


What the fuck, man!?

Yeah definitely hahaha!

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^hes lying