Songs about babies/having children/family



“It gets into real personal stuff. A lot of it I was writing when I was away from home and missing my daughter. The last part gets into the things you miss when you don’t pay attention. Even when you’re only gone for a few weeks sometimes, when they’re young you come home and they look a little different. You feel like you missed something. What starts out about doing drugs, a relationship, a fight and conflict – everything gets put in perspective towards the end.”

I adore this song.






I changed the line “She’s a princess, in a red dress” to “She’s a princess, in a grobag”

And this one because it’s my daughter’s name



A bit heavier but still…

“When I held you for the first time/ I knew I had to survive.”


Stone Temple Pilots - “A Song for Sleeping”


Yeah, “I’ll Still Destroy You” is amazing.

“Sleep Well Beast” would fit this thread too. I love how they did something more than the standard “I’m a parent now” type song (“With Arms Wide Open”, the STP one I just posted, etc.)


Aye, there’s a lot of depth on that record lyrically (that I can relate to right now.) Really rewarding in the long haul. What a band.


Ben Folds did a really good one back in 2001 with “Still Fighting It”


Positive vibes!


And So Begins Our Alabee by of Montreal is a bit of a tune


NB: Do not feed a nine-day old baby mashed up bananas, this is terrible advice which he has since admitted.


@Ruffers looking forward to his future music TV presenter career in that video





Too good

I guess also

V good.