Songs about bicycles

There aren’t very many are there? Tons of songs about cars, planes and trains - every second song by Porcupine Tree seems to mention trains - but the humble environmentally friendly bicycle gets very little love in the music world it seems.

Offhand I can only think of:

  • Queen - Bicycle Race
  • The Mixtures - The Pushbike Song
  • Luka Bloom - The Acoustic Motorbike
  • The Clientele - Bicycles

and of course that Tour de France album from Kraftwerk, who seem to be great champions of the humble treadly.

Any others?

I only recently learned that Hawkwind’s Silver Machine was about a bike.

Just because of the video, BSP’s Machineries of Joy is the first that pops into my head when someone mentions bike-themed music.

I guess I assumed the Hawkwind song was either about a motorbike or about some fantastical fictitious device.

One of the problems talking about bicycles is that many people say “bike” when they mean “motorbike”.

And maybe Machinery of Joy, maybe.

And Be Your Own Pet - Bicycle, Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle

Ah FFS @anon26275971

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Maccabees - Ayla

Syd Barrett perfected the bike-themed rock song early on, hence the relative lack ever since:


What was that Queen one called again?

Oh shit, how could I have forgotten that one?

Not sure if they had any bike-themed songs, but The Delgados (named after Pedro Delgado) had albums called Domestiques and Peleton.


Aha!!! Tony’s Theme!

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Would’ve been accurate at the time M6

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That mark ronson one with the scamp out of the view

Anyone mention that Kate Melua one yet?


Haven’t listened to this in an age. SO GOOD.

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