Songs about bicycles

Good call. Fuck, one of those bands I’d forgotten and then there’s a rush of nostalgia when i hear a song.

Hmhb have a few that prominently feature bicycles. First time i saw them nigel was wearing a (i think) opqs jersey or whatever they were called at the time and recommended putting an each way bet on Andy schleck for the tour.


It’s mainly about a fish, although the bike’s needs are given a brief mention as well.

i heard there are 9 million bicycles in beijing and that’s a fact

I was surprised although minus points for @drspaceman failing to mention Floyd in his post so I almost posted it too!

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There’s a great track on the recent Laurie Anderson/Kronos Quartet album called Riding Bicycles Through the Muddy Streets, but I can’t find it on You Tube.


1-speed bike : Some People Know How To Roll When They Fall Off A Bike (Hrsta Remix)

Also, A Lilac Harry Quinn.

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