Songs about Coronavirus

Just realised a couple of these had cropped up on albums in the last few weeks, so thought it would be interesting to hear what’s out there and how different artists are reacting to everything

Some tracks might cover the topic in a lighter or more serious way than you personally want to deal with, so keep that in mind

Folky slice of life

Mellow ode to essential workers (feat. great brass)

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Popped into my head a few weeks back to tweet Cypress Hill asking them to record COVIDY BYE BYE for when a vaccine is found, etc, but thought it’d be in bad taste. It actually sounds like that is what they say anyway on the original.

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No idea if this is well known or not, it’s everywhere on US tiktok

This is a playlist I did for a playlist swap on a thread here recently that features a couple of tracks that might suit here;

  1. Killing Joke - I Am The Virus
  2. Junius - Clean the Beast
  3. Revolting Cocks - We Shall Cleanse The World
  4. Front Line Assembly - Digital Tension Dementia (Contagion Mix)
  5. Crippled Black Phoenix - My Enemies I Fear Not, But Protect Me From My Friends
  6. Biosphere - The Shield
  7. JJ DOOM - Wash Your Hands
  8. Torche - Across The Shields
  9. Liars - Protection
  10. Grails - x-Contaminations
  11. Maybeshewill - Critical Distance
  12. Richard Haswell - The Distance Between You and I
  13. Helmet - Clean
  14. Benoit Pioulard - Shouting Distance
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Shameless JAG here but I wrote a poorly recorded song about COVID-19 and life in lockdown (with some embellishments)

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I’ve got a track I’ve just finished about the pleasant but probably ridiculous notion that after coronavirus the world could be a better place. I read a few guardian think-piece style articles about it and was torn between wanting to believe and exhausted cynicism.

The Jeffrey Lewis one above goes into that a bit too

Babybird chap has a few Covid related songs on one of his many new albums. This one keeps shouting out Covid 19, because, why not

Somehow missed the JL link - listening now.

Serious answer

Unintentional, but this is my lockdown anthem…

Metal deathcore song about the virus

I commented on the albums of the month thread that the new JS Ondara is the first great lockdown album. One of my favourite tracks is From Six Feet (sorry can’t post links yet it seems). I love the lyrics: “I’ve already seen Tiger King three times through”


Ok so this doesn’t expressly refer to coronavirus and the original song itself obviously predates it by decades, but on many levels this Flaming Lips clip is the most coronavirus-related music thing I’ve seen:

This isn’t about coronavirus as such, but it does use a load of sounds recorded during lock-down so let’s see if I get away with it…

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