Songs/albums you listen to when tired

On the Mogwai HGATR, I mentioned how Come On Die Young is one of the best albums to listen to when incredibly tired. I’m pretty knackered (although these days, not so much, which is a relief), so I have a lot of songs which are comforting in one way or another when you are very tired.

So in this thread, I’m interested in songs which, for some reason, you listen to, or have a desire to listen to, when you’re tired. It’s so much whether these songs help you sleep, or relax (although it can be that too), but more that they have something that makes you want to listen to them when you’re tired.

For example, I love listening to Fugazi’s Recap Modotti when I’m really tired. The deep, repetitive groove and Joe Lally’s hushed delivery are something I could listen to forever. Also, the line: “Outside the window, the passing night sky filled with people I know, taking me…home” is a perfect feeling for travelling home to get to sleep.

Also, on a more soothing note, Mogwai’s Take Me Somewhere Nice is perfect for when I’mtired. The thumbnail of this video also evokes a very satisfying feeling, as you can let the guitars chime around you.

Even though The Fall’s Winter (Hostel Maxi) isn’t relaxing in any way, when I’m tired I really like things which are slightly out of tune and repetitive but still tight. I also like how the bass seems to hold your attention despite being so minimal, which is very appealing when you’re knackered.

Any others?

I’ll make a Spotify playlist tonight with any suggestions from this thread, and update them as we go along.

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Great thread idea. This will come as a shock to no one, but the Still Becoming Apart EP by The Smashing Pumpkins. I pretty much only listen to it when I’m really tired at night. The instrumental opener Hope really sets the mood.

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Along those same lines, any of Midwife’s albums. I always end up describing her music as somewhere between that Pumpkins EP and the softer moments of Come On Die Young. Here’s a great one from each album:

(This one’s very CODY-esque)


electronic ambient with samples - this album always sends me off into space


Don’t really ever listen to music when I’m tired but I do like a good zone out. This is perfect for that

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A pretty much perfect evocation of weariness

Chasity Belt have been a great discovery this year.

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Mark Kozelek’s live stuff, especially the kind of afternoon naps where you drift in and out of sleep and catch half a song then drop off again. It all washes over me quite nicely.

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Having a pretty cold, fatigued day and I’m struggling against a wi-fi connection that connects 3 minutes out of every 7 and I’m so very, very done with it and Matt Elliott has been my soundtrack all day; his uncompromisingly dark folk a panacea of sorts, completely keyed in with my psyche today:

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Thomas Yorke and his Radio-Heads are good for this, OKC is best for me, perfect accompaniment to a trudge home from the office after a shit day.

And this is like a lovely warm bath of sound.


Here’s the playlist so far guys. I’ll add to it if more tired stuff pops up.

@TAFH33, I couldn’t find that Smashing Pumpkins EP on Spotify. Any other SP tired songs to recommend? @jalfrezi, are there any particular Mark Kozelek live songs to recommend? @Yvash, if your internet connection’s doing OK, could you recommend a Matt Elliott song as well?

Here’s the playlist so far. Enjoy!

Shame is a good one for album tracks, it’s really hypnotic and easy to get lost in. 22 years in and I think I’ve been tired every time I’ve heard it.

And if you want something a bit more rare for the playlist, Jersey Shore and Purr Snickety are good choices. Very soft, sleepy acoustic ballads.

All three are on Spotify now.

(Thank you for giving me the opportunity to plug the Pumpkins in a non-Pumpkins thread.)

No problem. No sirens in this thread :grin:

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So tempted to go with the 20 minute descent into Darkcore that is The Maid We Messed but I’ll be kind and say Bomb The Stock Exchange:

I don’t listen to music much when I’m tired these days, find a radio phone-in or podcast helps me drift off a lot easier.

For a while I used to listen to a lot of droney ambient metal stuff really loudly and felt like there was a sort of meditative quality to almost drifting to sleep but being pummelled by noise.

Title track from Barker’s full-length LP from a couple of years ago. It’s pretty rapid but beat less and is just one of the most beautiful tunes of the last few years. Always makes me really excited to go to bed so I can get up and and enjoy the following day.

Kurt Vile - Beach on the Moon. Not sure I really need to say anything for this one.

Tune from the latest Nine Inch Nails album. Quite cheesy in some ways but both really resonant and relaxing.

Finally, a few years back I got really into listening to ‘Ladies and Gentlemen…’ just before I went to bed. It’s an obvious choice but this one will stay with me forever:

(Sorry for the lack of content outside of my playlist, I am in fact feeling pretty bloody tired)

Realised it would be silly not to have some Low in here.

A drowsy banger, love the guitar and bass lines in this.


If you’re feeling a bit better, would it be possible to share the playlist? It looks really good.

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