Songs/albums you listen to when tired

I think that’ll do it :slight_smile:

Yeah, despite furlough days are very long right now (kids, trying to make a job change etc)…

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I’m always tired, and so only listen to music when tired. And my music reflects that. In fact, you could probably define my adult life in two eras, from aged 16 until when I had my first child aged 33 are my “angry years”, and from then until now are my “tired years”.

So out went The Clash, At The Drive In, Pixies etc, and in came Low, Joni Mitchell, Phoebe Bridgers etc.

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I’m sorry to hear you’re always tired. I hope you’re coping OK.


is a great shout. Most of her most recent album is great for hushed but rewarding lyrics and textures. I usually enjoy Garden Song when I’m a bit knackered.

I love that Low song. It’s probably my favourite of theirs.


I always listen to Loscil when I’m tired / sleepy / drifting off. ‘Submers’ is my favourite album for that. Ambient concept album about submarines / underwater exploration etc.

This track in particular (which is conveniently the first song on the album) in particular really captures the feeling of drowsiness, with sounds filtering in and out, and coming back

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Hits nice especially when tired.

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Endless Ladder by The Antlers is another good hypnotic one. Reminds me of 2013-2014’s bout of insomnia.