Songs for take-off


Just about to head off on holiday and wondered if anyone else tries to cue up a great song or a great moment for the plane taking off. Can give a real rush when done right.

The chorus to Lorde’s Green Light has been a regular choice, but Prior Things by Hop Along can also give the whole thing a really cinematic sweep.

This is normal, right?



Anything by Buddy Holly.


:slightly_frowning_face: (shudder)


Love Like a Sunset by Phoenix.


I am very glad to hear I am not the only one who does this.

Let Me Be Him by Hot Chip is good


If you can time it right, ‘Negativland’ by Neu!



Or Otis Redding.


Or Aaliyah.


I just hope we don’t die and music is distracting for that


What a bunch of negative nancies


Actually did this the other week. How weird is that!?

Also, recently took a DiSser’s advice and played all of Endroducing on a 1hr flight. Worked very well.


The piano drop still makes me grin like crazy



Or Lynyrd Skynyrd



Perfect choice.


The Kinks - This time tomorrow