Songs From the Big Chair

Underrated IMO


Prefer The Hurting I think but yeah, I’ve been listening to both loads recently. Both really good throughout.

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Their music ages much better than other stuff from that era. I think it just illustrates that bands from the current era try and replicate the sound.

weirdly just started listening to this recently, and yeah - quite the piece of work! the transition from Broken into Head Over Heels, and then back into Broken is nuts. so good.


Unfairly, an album you’d pickup in the “3 for £2” section

Great album. Bought it on a whim at a record fair as a teenager, stupidly assuming it’d become a quirky ironic synth-pop purchase for someone who’s usually “moody” and “serious” (big LOL). As mentioned it has everything you’d expect from the era but it still sounds mmmmm. Skimming it now and the gated drum sounds relatively restrained and tasteful to a lot of stuff around that era. Do unironically love me some gated drum tho.

Not from this album but the Mad World Donnie Darko cover came out when I was wee and it actually kind of freaked me out when I finally heard the original on the radio. In a good way though, cuz Tears for Fears rule and moody covers for movies very much don’t.

Was thinking about this album earlier cos a track was playing in the pasty shop

I think The Hurting is miles better tbh. Nothing as great or moody as Ideas as Opiates or Pale Shelter on Big Chair

Never listened to this one but will.
Hope you enjoyed the pasty

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Pretty good album that stands the test of time, for me, better than the one before and what followed it (although I like them both as well still). Particularly the Robert Wyatt tribute I Believe.

Can an album that sold as many millions as this be underrated?

Different album obvs, but stuck Woman In Chains on because of this thread.