Songs of Sorrow but Solace

I am thankful that I don’t have the illness of depression and am careful to distinguish that from sadness. Like many (most?) people, nonetheless, I get blue/sad from time to time though much less than my younger years. Nonetheless I had a rare plunge back recently and tailored my listening accordingly - these are sad songs and tearjerkers that have nonetheless provided a source of solace and emotional connecton to me… Shoegaze is my favourite genre by some distance but little from that scene…

be interested to hear from others…what do you listen to when the clouds descend (i know some people listen to uplifting music to lift them from the funk but that concept is alien to me)

Sigur-Ros – Olsen Olsen, Agaetis byrjun, Untitled 1, Untitled 4

Radiohead – Let Down, No Surprises, Nice Dream, Harry Patch,

Okkervil River – In A Radio Song…on loop

Codeine – D, Loss Leader, Second Chance, Cave In

Belly – The Bees

Madder Rose* – While Away

Smashing Pumpkins – To Forgive

Teenage Fanclub – 120 mins

Sunny Day Real Estate– Song about an angel

The Clientele - Losing Haringey

Superchunk – Like a fool, Only piece that you get

Ride – Dreams burn down

Grandaddy – So you’ll aim towards the Sky

*Excited for the new LP and hoping dearly for a tour

…I remember my son saying to me “Daddy why do you like so much sad music?”…and realised that probably 80% of the stuff i listen too is closer to the half glass empty!



Nice choice

…turns out I forgot to put:

Talk Talk - After the Flood and I believe in you

I could go on forever, sad music is basically my thing. To limit myself here are five from each decade without repeating artists and in no particular order:

The Smashing Pumpkins - Behold! The Night Mare
Sparklehorse - Maria’s Little Elbows
Eels - 3 Speed
Counting Crows - Raining in Baltimore
Blur - No Distance Left to Run

The Twilight Singers - Into the Street
Modest Mouse - Lives
Elliott Smith - A Distorted Reality Is Now a Necessity to Be Free
The Microphones - The Glow Pt 2
Built to Spill - Things Fall Apart

The Antlers - Corsicana
Youth Lagoon - Raspberry Cane
Hebronix - Unliving
Phoebe Bridgers - You Missed My Heart (Cover)
Strange Ranger - Most Perfect Gold of the Century


Maria’s Little Elbows is my favourite song of all time. The last minute is, to put it in a way that is too crass and inadequate to properly convey my feelings, the sound of my soul.


Everything Everything - The Peaks
…is the song of the end of the world as brought about by man’s inhumanity to man, and it will never not leave me a blubbering wreck.

Somehow I had never heard it (or him) until a few years ago, it completely floored me on first listen. It’s such a special song. His music is really so magical.

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Anything by Jason Molina.



So many songs to choose from. This one immediately springs to mind, though.

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“I need to sleeeeep…WHY won’t you let me” is often on my mental jukebox when I am tired and emotional


I actually had meant to put this in my list too - grateful you’ve added it!

“The circus is falling, down on its knees. Big top is crumbling down.”

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I just discovered this song. It is one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard. It’s definitely not well known in America.